What does Burt Reynolds have to do with Independence Day?

cb radio

Well it’s a stretch to get from here to there & since this is only a Minute (or so) Blog,  I better get right to the points, and … it won’t be a straight line from A to B on this one. Point 1) Mark once tried to explain Facebook to a non-fb user likes this:  It’s like a CB radio on steroids. In other words, like a CB radio, we use fb to communicate, inform of traffic jams, ask (and answer the call) for help in various measures. At its worst, fb, like the ol’ CB, is used for vulgarity, criticism of others, and skirting what we know is wrong rather than right. At its best, fb is used to share joys, ask for advice (where can I get “xyz” fixed?, etc.), let others know about traffic jams, and the best darn crock pot recipes.  And today, our dear friend, Mel, shared the loss of his beloved dog, Boris, who brought joy to Mel and others for 17 years. Thanks to fb, we could all be informed quickly and share our condolences with Mel.


Point 2) Since this is Independence Day, I’d just like to say that I’m also glad we’re not 100% independent of other people.  First, I am thankful that my Grandma & Grandpa Hoy were allowed to enter this country in the 1920’s and start a new, better life.  And to the phrase “God Bless America”, I add, may God bless everyone — not just us. The world, our country, and our communities are better when everyone, everywhere does well and can live comfortably.